A warm welcome to the new exhibition PREPARE!

Here you will read about our plans and expectations with this event.

Aren’t we living in safe circumstances…?

Many people meanwhile recognise that the future world might not be as comfortable and safe as we know it. Our grandparents still remember the times when they had to store supplies for bad times and cold winters. Many of them still remember the second world war.

We who are luckily born later only know catastrophes and emergencies in far away countries from TV.

But which are now the potentials for catastrophes an event like PREPARE!  is dealing with? Let’s name only a few of them:

  • Natural catastrophes, heavy storms
  • Economical recession caused by a crashing world economy or an inflation
  • The disruption of infrastructure, e.g. a blackout for several weeks caused by cyber attacks or terror attacks
  • A crash of governmental systems and the legal order
  • A military conflict

Each of these scenarios would hit our life heavily – as long as we are without any preparation.

Just consider a blackout for two weeks: The supermarkets are closed, the hygienic circumstances would be disastrous, the infrastructure of fresh water and black/gray water would not work any more. Hospitals, jailhouses, and refrigerated warehouses would be affected. Because the pumps in the fuel stations would no longer work there would be no private or public transportation. People cannot get to work, cash machines do not give money any more. And now imagine it’s winter.

If you belong to those who are used to face reality then you’re interested in preparation and exchange of experience and knowledge. Then PREPARE!  is your event.

What can I expect at the event PREPARE!  ?

  • PREPARE!  is a weekend- and family-event with entertainment for kids and adults
  • Most exhibitors are outside on the green. The fresh air and the wide sky create an atmosphere that is different to what you might know of typical exhibitions. And then there’s the charme of the spectacular venues on both events.
  • On a big exhibition area companies will offer their solutions around topics like preparation, gear, security, emigration, and safety of your own home.
  • Seminars and workshops – first hand knowledge from practitioners, not book authors. In workshops you will learn how to gain pure drinking water. You will be trained to behave the right way when your car is attacked.
  • Get together at the camp fire or at the live music or while camping. Here you will talk to like minded people.
  • Relaxed atmosphere: In the evening there will be a get-together with live-music, camp fire, drinks and food. You even have the chance to stay the night on a camping pitch or in the hotel on the venue. There is a good and affordable restaurant on the venue as well.

The Dates

PREPARE! in Southern Germany together with ADVENTURE SOUTHSIDE

PREPARE! 13.-15. July 2018
78253 Eigeltingen (Near Lake Constance, Swiss border)

The PREPARE! in Eigeltingen is held parallel to the show Adventure Southside. Both shows are on the same venue. Visitors only have to pay once to visit both shows.

Adventure Southside is a show for globetrotters who travel worldwide with their 4×4 expedition vehicles. It’s also the main show for bushcraft and survival in Southern Germany.
This year we expect about 140 traders and 10,000 visitors on the Adventure Southside.


PREPARE! in Northern Germany together with ADVENTURE NORTHSIDE

PREPARE!  5.-7. October 2018
21493 Basthorst (Near Hamburg)

Adventure NorthsideLike the Adventure Southside in the South so is the Adventure Northside the main event for survivalists and globetrotters in Northern Germany. This year the Adventure Northside starts the fourth time and we expect this year about 8.000 visitors  and 140 traders.

PREPARE!  –  That’s what we want:

  • PREPARE!  is a congress and an exhibition with solutions presented by traders and experts
  • We don’t discuss esoteric or spiritual topics or conspiracy theories.
  • PREPARE!  is – despite being serious about the themes we cover – a relaxed event, meant to inspire and encourage our visitors